Woohoo, summer is just around the corner! Are you excited to say good-bye to Melbourne’s cold & bitter winter? If so, Hi-5 me in the comments :0) I am looking forward to seeing some excitement!

Change of season, what does that mean? A new wardrobe? It’s time to put away our winter jackets and bring out some light cardigans. It’s quite interesting to observe human behaviour – things we do without consciousness. Our body speaks to us in its own phenomenal way, and we have a natural response to it almost immediately. Has it occurred to you, even for a second that perhaps our skin is also saying something? It’s not as dry anymore! Maybe, it’s getting oilier.

It’s time for a Skin Spring clean, folks!

Let me tell you why I’m shouting out loud! How often do you clean out your makeup and skincare? Is it once a year or seasonally?

Pause! Did I hear someone say “Why do we have to clean our makeup and skincare?” Great question, let me tell you:

  • Expired products: Serves no purpose on our skin. It will only give us misery. Using out of date products increases the chances of a reaction on the skin causing inflammation, or in some cases an outbreak of pimples. Using expired products means exposing your skin to harmful bacteria. The expired products active ingredients can also lose their effectiveness over time, so the product might not work as well. Well, that defeats the purpose then. You are better off not putting anything on your skin then. Just remember… It is better to be safe than sorry. You want to make sure that you are using good, quality products that will help your skin — not aggravate it.
  • Protect Your Skin: Just how we layer upon in winter to keep us warm, we also tend to use thicker creams on our skin to combat dehydration and dryness. It’s a different story in the warmer months – the skin can experience some oiliness. We also need to incorporate products that will help to inhibit melanin in our skin. This is why it is essential to check with your skin expert to reassess and go through your home skincare.

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  • Wash Those Brushes: Makeup is no different to skincare. Our brushes hold a lot of bacteria, and it can create havoc on all skin, especially acne and sensitive skin. We should be regularly washing our makeup brushes; depending on how often you wear makeup.
  • Simply clean the brushes in warm water with a makeup brush cleaner Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner,  let it air dry and your good to go again. Beauty blenders are fantastic, but they do need to be replaced regularly. Why? They absorb the product and hold it in the centre of the sponge, and there is no real way of cleaning them well, and as a result, hold a lot of dead skin cells and bacteria inside them.
  • Replace your mascara and liquid eyeliners every 3 months: Please! Eyelashes hold a lot of dust, and oil in them. Re-dipping the mascara brush back into the bottle means bacteria invades and starts to grow inside the tube, and you can’t see that. This is detrimental to the health of our lashes and the surrounding skin.
  • Eyeliners and lip liner pencils also need to be sharpened before use even if you are just the only person using it for the same reason.

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BE BRAVE – It’s time to part ways with products that have been hiding in your drawers.

Spring Clean Checklist:
  • Remove everything, and I mean everything! Give your drawer a good clean up.
  • Review your products – what to keep and what to toss out.
  • To Toss – No stale skincare or makeup allowed. Check the expiry of each product.
  • To keep – No guessing game – Leave it to the experts. Please make an appointment to see your Skin Therapist so she can review your skincare according to your skin needs for the changing weather.

SKIN TIP – To avoid the trial and error game, and accumulating of unwanted products in the drawers, please come and see us. We will guide you with the right skincare to use for the season. We will also make our recommendation on when to re-use your existing products. The same applies to makeup. You can spring up your look by just adding a new blush and lip colour for the new season. Leave it to the professionals – Saving time and money.

Ravina & Tarsha

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