What is Microbiome?

You may have heard of the phrase, “You are not alone.”

And you are not. You may be carrying trillions of microbes (living microorganisms) in you right now. “Microbiome” is a communal of these microbes composed of bacteria, fungi, and viruses residing in a particular environment such as our skin. There is a relationship that lasts a lifetime between our gut and skin having these microbes being in common with our immune system. “It always fascinates me how our body works…”

What is the purpose of Microbiome on our skin?

The whole purpose of Microbiome on our skin is for optimal skin function – creating a harmonious environment for the good bacteria to strive to keep our skin fit and healthy against environmental pathogens. You may be wondering, how is this possible?  Well, just how our body parts can communicate with each other, our skin microbiome can also communicate with our gut and immune system. Our gut is the womb for health and wellbeing, and our immune system as a whole.

What is Microbiome?

What happens when our Microbiome’s diversity is disturbed?

Answer – The microorganisms will not be at its optimal level! Let’s start with our “Gut” – poor gut health can have a direct effect on our skins Microbiome due to low nutrient absorption. Malabsorption can have a significant impact on our body resulting in a downward spiral effect. Lack of vitamins and minerals absorption can start troubling our hormone regulation causing low energy levels, low immunity, and compromised skin such as Dermatitis, Rosacea, reactive skin, Acne, and premature aging to name a few.

What is Microbiome?

How can we flourish our gut and skin Microbiome?

Let’s start with our gut. All health begins in the gut”- Hippocrates. I love this quote just as much as I love DMK’s Regul8 – a 3 step Digestive Tune-up system. “Maintain” the third step in this range contains Pe and Probiotics both in one capsule, yes… two in one. If this hasn’t wowed you enough wait till I tell you this. Each capsule is covered with a small microscopic coating that protects the live bacteria inside the capsule from being damaged whilst it’s passing through the gastrointestinal tract – delivering maximum live cultures to the target area – our lower intestine.

What is Microbiome?

Skin Microbiome Range

Our gut flourishes with the right Pre and Probiotics in our body, and so does our skin. Again, I can’t go past DMK’s Enbioment range – a 3 step skin microbiome system that has both Pre and Probiotics.

It contains a Cleanser, Mist and Serum that can be used by anyone to restore or maintain the skin’s natural healthy balance. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ingredients and is jam-packed with live bacteria – a lifesaver skincare range for people suffering from eczema, rosacea, reactive, and dry skin.

I believe it is essential to know what you are ingesting so this is for those curious minds.

Probiotics – are live bacteria (microorganisms) designed to support and benefit your health when consumed. It maintains a healthy gut flora supporting the immune system and skin microbiome. It’s naturally found in fermented foods and yogurt.

Prebiotics – is designed to increase the growth of live bacteria (microorganisms). They are like fertilizers that multiples in live bacteria. It can also be found naturally in many fruits and vegetables.


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