Great skin doesn’t just happen by chance!

It requires housekeeping – Commitment, Dedication, Patience, and Professional advice.

Skin Membership is just like a Gym Memberships – Skin Gym. A single gym workout can undoubtedly make you feel good, but you won’t see long term results from just one session. We all want immediate results, but when it comes to skin, we know that an occasional or one-off treatment won’t deliver long-lasting results. It can surely make you feel more confident, but we are working at achieving long-term results and not short-term.

Our skin is the largest and forever growing organ in the body and has the ability to renew itself regularly. Did you know, “Our skin cells regenerate itself every 28 days and gets slower as we grow older? It is a repetitive process where the living cells from the Basal layer of the epidermis gradually move to the top layer of the skin, where they die and shed off. The longer it takes the skin to renew itself, the more congestion (built-up dead skin cells) occurs on the skin, making your complexion look dull and tired.

Home treatments definitely play a massive part in keeping your skin in good health; however, Clinic treatments are more potent. I love using this analogy – “Getting skin treatments done at a clinic is like sending your car for servicing – it needs professional help.”

We believe that facial treatments are no longer a luxury; it is a necessity and plays a big part in one’s self-confidence. Great results don’t last unless you have consistent, regular treatments; hence we’ve created a range of memberships to make your pathway to skin confidence simple and affordable. We have no lock-in contracts, but we do have a small $29 joining fee. This is to ensure we have committed clients wanting to see real results. Skin treatments deliver instantly visible results, but if you want to see a real improvement in skin condition, you need to have it regularly.